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Faculty of engineering science

Professorship for Thermal Process Engineering - Prof. Dr. Marcus Kirschen

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Thermographical image of roller furnace, copyright at EnerTHERM, HTL Bayreuth
Hot rolling at Posco steel works, South Korea, copyright at worldsteel Association, used with permission
Electric Arc Furnace with inert gas stirring (photo: M.Kirschen)
Closed die forged flanges, copyright at SMS Eumuco, used with permission by Stahl-Institut Düsseldorf
Alumimium reheating furnace, copyright at Seco Warwick
Converter bottom lining after tapping (photo: M.Kirschen)
Electric Arc Furnace with lining maintenance device (photo: M.Kirschen)


The target of our work is the increased material, energy, and cost efficiency of industrial processes at high temperatures. Thus, we contribute to an improved sustainability and environmental compatibility of production and manufacturing processes, and advanced furnace technologies in a competitive market.

The application of various energy resources for decreased emission figures, for example, is a challenge for materials and process control. We investigate the behaviour of materials at high temperatures in order to increase the lifetime of furnace components and productivity, to improve the quality of the products, and to develop new materials and components. Models of the heating processes help to identify opportunities for energy savings and to improve the temperature distribution and the heat transfer.

Research interests

  • Material and energy efficiency of industrial heating processes
  • Material performance at high temperatures, corrosion, wear
  • Component development for high temperature processes
  • Modelling of high temperature processes

in close co-operation with

Fraunhofer ISC - Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL, Bayreuth

Education and professional career


since 2019

Professor for Thermal Process Engineering at University Bayreuth in co-operation with Fraunhofer Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL


Various positions at RHI AG and RHI Magnesita, respectively, in research & development and management of refractory products and system solutions in high temperature processes (scientific expert at Technology Centre Leoben, product manager, team manager and director at Vienna head quarter)


Senior engineer at the Institute for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering of RWTH Aachen University. “Habilitation” (professorial degree) in High Temperature Engineering


Post-Doc at the Centre de Recherches sur la Synthèse et la Chimie des Minéraux, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Orléans


PhD studies at the University Basel and PhD degree in Earth Sciences with focus on mineralogy, thermodynamics


University studies of physics at the University Karlsruhe (TH, now KIT) and Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble. Diploma in physics and D.E.A. in Physique Énergétique

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